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All is going to be beautiful again at Les Pierres

The last couple of days have felt like we were finally on our way out of this perambulate tunnel onto presumably nowhere, never really trustfully having followed the proverbial spot of light at the end of it, but coming out of its darkness with a huge relief of everything still standing, no matter its scars, we already have plans in place to take care of those. That feeling of walls literally crumbling away, so forthcoming during winter, was magically lifted with these first rays of sun and its accelerated promise, as confirmed by Ivory after his first pruning session this year: all is going to be beautiful again at Les Pierres, of course.

I realize we’re only the smallest modicum over half way through actual climatical winter, which makes the current offerings even more precious and, though unmerited, immensely appreciated, the way it gently cuts off the road we need to be on nevertheless, hoisting up the colors prematurely, ensuring today is about reclaiming the vegetable garden nursery in our ruin, a temporary precursor of the greenhouse we are going to build against the wall that our deceptive neighbors have build without any consultation, which will probably never be properly finished enough for us to start moving forward anyway, but dreams remain.

I’m still in the habit of locking myself in our rather dark cat-cave every morning, reluctantly ignoring these changes around us, to enjoy my generously allowed private time, away from the canine educational duties that will span my afternoons, also to allow Ivory the time to embrace whatever he longs for, a most fair deal closed without either of us objecting. With all the worldwide Covid restrictions and discussions about freedom and rights, I am extremely proud of the way we noiselessly addressed our personal endeavors.

If only this premature Spring, literally bursting with life lust, prophecies a global awakening and enchants an aversion to all polarization, Les Pierres’ beauty under the hazel catkins, would speed up its inevitable truth: all answers are out there, go explore.

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